Services to private persons

Real estate and housing disputes

Our lawyers have handled many disputes relating to real estate and housing transactions. We have assisted both sellers and buyers.

Litigation and dispute resolution

Litigation is a central part of our work. We represent clients as both plaintiffs and defendants in litigation, arbitration, and mediation.

Family and inheritance law

We draw up agreements on divisions of assets, assist our clients in disputed asset division situations, draft wills, prepare estate inventories and deeds of estate distributions as well as other documents relating to inheritance law.

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Criminal law

Our firm assists individuals in criminal matters. We assist both victims of crime, i.e. injured parties, in bringing claims and defendants in responding to claims.

Contract law

Our firm prepares all types of contractual documents for private individuals, such as leases, deeds of sale, employment contracts, payment contracts, settlement agreements, etc.

Employment law

We provide our private clients with expertise in particular in the following employment law matters: termination of employment contracts, drafting employment contracts, layoffs, etc.

Tort law

We mainly handle property damage and personal injury claims and assist both the injured party and the person who caused the damage.

Tax law

Our office advises individuals mainly on matters relating to income tax and inheritance and gift tax.